Open a NeoLoad project

A NeoLoad project is an NLP file which is stored by default in the user directory C:\Users\<user>\Documents\NeoLoad Projects\ (Windows Vista/Seven), as described in Project files.

An existing project can be opened:

When the project to open has been designed in a NeoLoad version older than NeoLoad 8.2, it is migrated and updated automatically, as described in Migrate projects.

When opening a project compatible with NeoLoad 8.2, the Sanity Check wizard may be displayed. The Sanity Check dialog displays existing alerts:

It makes it possible to identify potential inconsistencies of scenario components in their logical and hierarchical structure fix them and deliver a high-quality scenario or launch a feasable test.

Issues raised are classified in two levels: warning or blocking.





The project contains errors.


The User Path validation cannot be launched.