After running the NeoLoad Cloud Controller

When the rental period is over, the NeoLoad Cloud Controller is terminated, and its content deleted. Neotys sends reminder emails during the rental period: 8 days, if applicable, before the termination date and then 48 hours, 36 hours and 24 hours before.

The rental term can be extended. It is necessary to contact your Neotys Account Manager to extend a rental, if needed, at least one business day before the planned end date.

After a test, a manual clean-up is necessary. Once the Cloud Controller is terminated, the virtual machine is deleted and all content is lost. It is necessary to plan enough time before the termination to proceed with the following tasks:

  1. If applicable, deactivating the license on the NeoLoad Cloud Controller. It allows reactivating it on another machine. For more information, see Transfer a standard license key. There is no need to deactivate a rental license which has expired.
  2. Downloading any useful content: NeoLoad project, reports, test results, log files... For more information, see Transfer files.