Manage the Load Generator Agent

The Load Generator Agent manages Load Generator sessions to stress a server. Starting a Load Generator Agent only is useful to make the best of the capacity of a machine dedicated to run Virtual Users.

Load Generator Agents are managed in the NeoLoad Controller. When on the same network, the NeoLoad Controller automatically detects the Load Generator Agents available. When automatic detection is impaired (firewalls, routers, and so on), the Agents must be specified in the Controller. For more information, see Zones and Load Generator hosts.

The Agent must be previously installed, within a Controller installation or as a a standalone installation. For more information, see Install the Controller and Install a Load Generator Agent respectively.

Start the Load Generator Agent

The Load Generator Agent can be launched:

By default, the Load Generator Agent on Windows is started in non-privileged mode (as a normal user, not administrator). In non-privileged mode, the following function is not available: WAN Emulation on the local Load Generator, described in WAN emulation.

Start additional Load Generator Agents

Additional Load Generator Agents can be started by specifying a port number at launch time.

To add a Load generator Agent, open a command prompt and enter the following line:

Tip: To add an additional Load Generator Agent, you can also set the following environment variable:

Start the Load Generator agent in Terminal Services mode

If the NeoLoad Terminal Services feature cannot be used for any reason and a custom script is required, here is the command to start a Load Generator Agent in Terminal Services mode:

The Load Generator then uses a unique working folder and picks an available port dynamically. Add the Load Generator to NeoLoad by using the Bind action from the Terminal Services feature. For more information, see Terminal Services.

Stop the Load Generator Agent

According to the installation mode (standalone Agent or Controller), the Load Generator Agent can be stopped: