How to load test with Cloud Load Generators

For tests with Load Generators in the Cloud and with the Controller on premises, some configuration and tuning operations are necessary to increase the capacity of the testing environment before setting the Cloud Load Generators, as described in Select the Cloud Load Generators.

  1. Open your scenario in the NeoLoad Controller.
  2. Check the design of your scenario:

    For more information, see Configure the scenarios.

  3. Check the configuration of the Controller:

    For more information, see Configure the Controller.

  4. Configure the infrastructure to optimize the performance of the heavy load testing.

    For more information, see Configure the network.

  5. Only if you are paying with Cloud credits: Size your Cloud Load Generators with an on-demand Cloud session:

    For more information, see Cloud credits only: Size Cloud Load Generators.

  6. If you need to use the same IP addresses for the whole test campaign, reserve IP addresses.

    For more information, see Reserve IP addresses.

  7. Set enough time to reserve your Cloud session and get your Cloud Load Generators.

    For more information, see Reserve the Cloud Load Generators.

  8. When the reserved session is available, start the test:

    For more information, see Start the test.

  9. Terminate the test and your Cloud session.
  10. Read the test results.

    For more information, see Read test results.