Create a decoder and link it to the binder

This section describes how to create a Decoder and link it to the Binder. It is necessary to read Implement and declare the binder in a Java project beforehand.

In Eclipse, a class must be created to implement the interface com.neotys.extensions.codec.functions.Decoder.

The Name of the Java class can be a custom one, e.g. MyDecoder.

A click on Finish validates the new MyDecoder class.

It is now necessary to link MyDecoder to MyBinder.

For example, when a request is received while recording, the contenu of the request body is decoded with MyDecoder.

  1. In New Java Class, create a class to implement com.neotys.extensions.codec.functions.Decoder.
  2. Click Finish.
  3. Link the Decoder class to the Binder.