HTTP recorder

The HTTP recorder panel enables you to configure the parameters for the recording of an application.


The HTTP Recorder settings group box allows to set the NeoLoad recorder in proxy mode.

  1. In the Certificates used for SSL interception section, click the "+" button, then browse the to "pkcs12 key" from your file system. NeoLoad then prompts you to enter the password.

  2. Once imported, click the checkmark button to specify that it is the key to be used for SSL interception.


    Note: The "-" button allows you to delete a certificate and the 4th button allows you to regenerate the NeoLoad root certificate from the PKCS certificate selected.

The Tunnel Mode Recorder settings group box enables to configure the parameters to record in tunnel mode. For more information, see Record an HTTP application in tunnel mode.

In Recorder patterns, the regular expression patterns to filter the URLs to be recorded must be entered in the lists:

All filters consist in regular expressions. It is necessary to escape special characters such as the period. A filter can be, for example, http://windowsupdate\.microsoft\.com. For more information, see Regular expressions.