Oracle Forms

Oracle Forms preferences are divided into two tabs:

General settings

The General settings tab of the Oracle Forms panel allow the user to configure:

Care should be taken in modifying these settings. Any incorrect configuration can cause NeoLoad to wrongly identify Oracle Forms requests.

All these settings have pre-configured default values that allow the recording of Oracle Forms requests using an Oracle Forms 9i to 12c application server.

Sessions settings

In order to differentiate between Oracle Forms applets executing simultaneously in a same web page (or simultaneously in different browser tabs), NeoLoad needs a unique identifier for each Oracle Forms session: the session identifier. NeoLoad is able to look for session identifiers in applet URL requests.

For example, if the Oracle Forms applet sends a request to http://myserver:8889/forms/servlet;jsessionid=... the session identifier is jsessionid. When NeoLoad tries to find this session identifier in the Oracle Forms request URL, the search process is case insensitive: JsessionId or JSESSIONID gives the same result as jsessionid.

Session settings are preconfigured for Oracle Forms 9i and 10g application servers.