The Advanced panel allows you to modify NeoLoad advanced settings.



You can change the default directory where NeoLoad projects are saved.

Saving Reminders Settings

By default, NeoLoad will remind you to save your project 1 hour after you open it. You can configure it to never get such reminder or choose different durations.

Update settings

The update options make it possible to:

Usage reporting

To continuously improve your experience with NeoLoad 8.2, we perform usage reporting. Collecting and processing usage information enables us to optimize NeoLoad 8.2 functionalities and adapt our content to your needs.

Usage reporting is enabled by default but it can be disabled at any moment. You can select a usage reporting mode to choose the way we collect this information.

Data collected

Common data collected

On program startup and license change

On script conversion

Nothing is collected from the scripts, only global statistics are collected:

After test execution

On project closure

  1. In the Mode drop-down list, select:

NeoLoad default settings

This zone allows modifying NeoLoad default settings. A click on the Open file button opens the "" file. The file contains all the default parameters of NeoLoad. The file can be overridden to define new default settings. Once the file is saved, back in NeoLoad, a click on the Reload button applies the changes.

A click on the Restore Defaults button allows stepping back to the previous default settings of NeoLoad.