Update recorded content

NeoLoad makes it possible to check that the recorded content of your User Path complies with the application content. In the Design section, a selected User Path can be checked in the Check User Path dialog accessible from either:

The Check User Path dialog displays the Difference percentages between the record content and the current application.


The Check User Path dialog helps you identify the number of changes between the recorded scenario and the checked one, and to pinpoint every change in the application with the Compare function, for example changes in paths, in URL arguments, in AJAX calls, and so on. The Update Recorded Content function makes it possible to merge the changes in the User Path, and synchronize it with the latest version of the application. It is particularly useful for test script maintenance.

The Update Recorded Content feature is available in the Check User Path dialog:

Alerts are raised when:

Errors must be fixed in the User Path definition, as described in Check a User Path.

A click on the Overwrite button updates the entire User Path to the current application, except for the requests which cannot be played. In the Check User Path dialog, the Difference column shows 0%.

  1. Select a User Path and start a User Path check.
  2. In the Check User Path dialog, click Start checking.
  3. Right-click the User Path tree, and, when differences are detected, click Update Recorded Content.
  4. Click Overwrite to confirm the update.