Customize a User Path

User Path content

The basic components of a User Path are the pages, which are themselves made up of requests. For more information about these components, see Web pages and Requests.

For a more complex behavior, NeoLoad allows adding control components such as loops, conditions, Transactions, and so on, see Logical actions.

Edit a User Path
Add an element

To add an element such as a loop or a simple Transaction to a Container, use the right-click pop-up menu and select Insert as child. The menu displays the child elements compatible with the selected parent element.

To add one element directly after another, use the right-click pop-up menu and select Insert after. The menu displays the elements that may be inserted at the specified location.

An alternative is simply to drag and drop the element from the Actions pane located beneath the Users Paths tree. For more information about dragging and dropping in the Users Paths tree, see Move elements.

Delete an element

To delete an element, use the right-click pop-up menu and select Delete or use the Remove button in the button array to the right of the User Paths tree.

Confirmation is required prior to any deletion.

Move elements

To move an element:

Context menu

Right-click an element of the User Path to display a context menu for the selected element.

Description of the menus common to all elements:

The following elements have additional menu items: