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Integrate NeoLoad with third-party tools

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Let’s face it: Agile is a fact of life. Perhaps you’re not a "full Agile" shop and maybe you’re not doing Continuous Integration or even talking about DevOps yet, but the reality is that pressures are increasing to realize many of the benefits like quality and speed that are inherent in Agile or "Agile-like" development methodologies.

When you start becoming more Agile, developers churn out code at a rapid pace to try to get as many of their user stories or tasks to "done" as they can before the end of the sprint, and many testers struggle to keep up with this pace. Furthermore, testers in Agile teams often have responsibility for automated testing, unit testing, regression testing, as well as load and performance testing. In this environment, you need tools that are easy to use and help you keep up with the speed of development while also meeting heightened quality expectations.

This document lists the tools and methods that help maintaining scripts and working in an Agile environment.