Test APIs

NeoLoad provides SOAP / Web Services support with options for REST and API testing plus the ability to test all web and mobile applications. It means that you can use NeoLoad throughout the development lifecycle even before you have a UI, and reuse those assets later on when the app is more stable


You can generate SOAP requests using WSDL descriptor files. It gives the ability to test the server before the client is ready, since you don't need to record the traffic to be played back.

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NeoLoad allows you test RESTful web services thanks to:

When the REST call cannot be recorded, you may create it from scratch by manually creating a HTTP Request:

  1. Create the request manually (right-click « Insert as child / http Request »).
  2. Edit path and server.
  3. Change the method to « POST » and Post Content type to « Text ».
  4. Fill the JSON or XML request content.
  5. Add headers: "Advanced..." / "Request headers" and set "Content-Type: application/json" or "Content-Type: application/xml".