Fix errors after an application change

Fixing errors after an application change

Let’s say that your NeoLoad User Paths have been properly designed for an older version of the application and a new version of the application has been released.

  1. Are my User Paths still valid? Two choices :
  2. What has changed? This is the first step toward finding how to fix the User Paths.
    1. Use the "Difference" column in the table to quickly find server responses that changed since the recording. The column contains the percentage of content that changed.
    2. Use the comparison feature on Requests: use the "compare with recording button" on the response view.

  3. How to fix the problem?

  4. Keep the baseline up to date. After manual changes and once the new User Path works perfectly, you need to update the recorded content to ensure the next comparison will be done against the most recent version of the application.

    Open the advanced settings of the Check User Path dialog and update the recorded content.