Web pages

The web page is the page as rendered by a web browser. It consists in the HTML page and all its sub-components, such as image files and CSS style sheets.

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Settings panel

Screenshot panel

Warning: NeoLoad retrieves resources present in the HTML code. Resources referenced by CSS style sheets and JavaScript scripts are ignored.

If the first response is a redirect, NeoLoad automatically sends the request to retrieve the HTML page. So, if the number of redirects has changed between recording and playback, NeoLoad automatically handles the redirects.

Dynamically-executed requests do not provide detailed statistics. In Runtime and Results views, their statistics are grouped together in a specific request named <dynamic resources> under the page.

If the page contains requests that are not resources—for example a request originating from client-side code (JavaScript, Flash, and so on)—these requests can be flagged as being non-dynamic. The Enabled command in the action pop-up menu must be selected to make the action active. The action is no longer grayed-out and NeoLoad can execute it as a standard request.

When checking the validity of a User Path containing dynamic pages, the grayed-out requests (to be executed dynamically by NeoLoad) do not show up in the User Path tree. However, the dynamic results are displayed in the table.