Configure NeoLoad

To record Oracle Forms requests, NeoLoad needs a JAR file, obtained from the Oracle 10g application server. When recording an Oracle Forms request without this JAR file having been previously loaded, NeoLoad displays a warning message.

  1. Stop NeoLoad if it is already running.
  2. If the Oracle server is a standard application server, open the <oracle_home>/forms/java directory, where <oracle_home> is the application server installation directory.

    If the Oracle server is part of the Oracle Applications Suite, open the <oracle_applications_home>/tech_st/<version>/forms/java directory, where <oracle_applications_home> is the Oracle Applications installation directory and <version> is the server version. For example, for the VISION demo version of Oracle E-Business R12, the directory would be: c:\oracle\VIS\apps\tech_st\10.1.2\forms\java.

  3. Copy the JAR file named frmall.jar.
  4. Open the <install-dir>/lib/plugins/ext directory.
  5. Paste the copied file.
  6. Restart NeoLoad.