Configure the Oracle Forms server

For the Oracle Forms module to function, the Oracle Forms application server needs to be configured to enable NeoLoad to identify the Oracle Forms graphical components by name instead of by an ID number. This configuration must be in active during both recording and test runtime.

There are several ways to enable component naming, depending on the Oracle Forms server set-up:

  1. Open the applet baseHTML file (default: <Oracle Home>/forms/server/basejini.htm).
  2. Locate the line <PARAM name="serverArgs" VALUE="............%otherParams%">
  3. At the end of the VALUE field, add the following: record=names
  4. Once modified, the line should look like this: <PARAM name="serverArgs" VALUE="............%otherParams% record=names">
  5. If there is more than one occurrence of the serverArgs parameter, repeat the previous modification for each occurrence.
  6. Save the file, and re-start the Oracle Forms server.
  1. Open the Web CGI configuration file (default: <Oracle Home>/forms/server/formsweb.cfg).
  2. Try to locate the line record=
  3. If the line exists:
  4. If the line does not exist:
  1. Once logged in as administrator to the Application Server Control Console, through the web browser, click on the System Administrator link.
  2. Then, in the browser window, select Profile System Values.
  3. In the Find System Profile Values window, fill in the fields as follows:
  4. In the System Profile Values window, locate the line that refers to the profile ICX: Forms Launcher, and insert the user value ?play=&record=names
  5. Save the changes and exit the application.
  6. Connect to the Oracle Forms application, always using the specially-configured user account.