The Statistics panel enables you to configure the statistics displayed in the Runtime and Results sections of NeoLoad.

Truncated Mean

This group box allows to obtain a subset of results for Transactions with the extremes removed. This excludes non-representative values and provides values close to those obtained by the majority of end users.

Truncated Mean is displayed in the Values tab of the Results section.


This group box allows you to define three percentile values for Transactions.

Possible values for these fields are between 0.1 and 99.9 with a 0.1 granularity.

Raw data is approximated with a given relative approximation error of 0.001, i.e. 0.1% configurable in the rawdata.approximation.error property of the file.

Percentiles are displayed in the Test Summary, Values and Graphs tabs of the Results section.


This group box allows you to specify the default time scale of the x-axis for the Runtime and Results graphs: