Request a release in offline mode

With Neotys Team Server

  1. In License Configuration Settings, select Use a server.
  2. Select Neotys Team Server.
  3. Check the option Manage Licenses offline.
  4. Click the Release... button.


    The Release wizard is displayed.

    You need now to go to Neotys Team Server to complete the offline release of the license capacity.

    For more information, see Process an offline release request in the Neotys Team Server Documentation.

With NeoLoad Web

  1. In NeoLoad, go to Help > License Management.
  2. In the License Configuration Settings zone, click the Release button.
  3. In the explorer, save the ".rls" file in a location you will remember.
  4. In NeoLoad Web, click the Resources menu then the Subscriptions tab.
  5. In the Leases section, click the Offline Release button.
  6. In the explorer, select the ".rls" file previously saved and click Open.

For more information, see Release a license offline in NeoLoad Web documentation.