Implement and declare the Action class

This section describes how to create an Action class with Eclipse.

  1. In Eclipse, select New Java Class to create a class in order to implement the interface com.neotys.extensions.action.Action.
  2. You can specify a custom name for the Java class, e.g. MyAction.
  3. Click Finish to validate the new MyAction class.

  4. Fill type, default parameters, icon and description fields.

    For methods getMinimumNeoLoadVersion and getMaximumNeoLoadVersion,

    replace the line return null;

    with return Optional.absent();

  5. Reference the new action class in the file META-INF/services/com.neotys.extensions.action.Action:

  6. Repeat the previous step to create a folder called services in the META-INF folder.
  7. Right-click the folder services and use the New > File command to create a file named com.neotys.extensions.action.Action in the folder services.
  8. Double-click the com.neotys.extensions.action.Action file to edit it adding the full qualified name of the Action class (i.e. package and class name).

  9. If the Custom Action supports taking screenshots, then override method "supportScreenshot()" to return true:


    default boolean supportScreenshot() {

    return true;