Create an ActionEngine class and link it to the Action class

This section describes how to create and link an ActionEngine class in Eclipse.

  1. In Eclipse, select New Java Class to create a class in order to implement the interface com.neotys.extensions.action.engine.ActionEngine.
  2. You can specify a custom name for the Java class, e.g. MyActionEngine.
  3. Click Finish to validate the new MyActionEngine class.

  4. Fill in the code for the execution and the creation of the result.

  5. If the Custom Action supports taking screenshots, then override method "takeScreenshot()" to return the bytes of the image:


    public byte[] takeScreenshot() {

    // TODO return the bytes of the image


  6. Link the ActionEngine class to the Action class.

    When an Action is played, the ActionEngine linked will be called.