Create a Maven project

This section describes how to create a Maven project with Eclipse.

  1. Create a workspace in Eclipse or use an existing one.
  2. In the Java perspective, select File -> New -> Project….

  3. In the New Project dialog, select Maven -> Maven Project and click Next>.

  4. Make sure Create a simple project is not selected in the first screen of the New Maven Project wizard and click Next >.

  5. In the Select an Archetype step, click Configure….

  6. Click Add Remote Catalog... and add the neotys archetype catalog.
  7. Enter "" in the Catalog File field.
  8. Enter neotys in the Description.

  9. Click Verify... and then OK to add the catalog.
  10. Click OK in the Preferences dialog.

    Now you should be able to find neotys in the Catalog list.

  11. Select neotys-custom-action-archetype from the archetypes list and click Next >.
  12. Fill out the details for Group Id, Artifact Id, Version number, Package name, ActionName and NeoLoadInstallationFolder.

  13. Click Finish so that Maven downloads the necessary dependencies.

    You have now a Java project with the structure illustrated below:

    The default parameters, icon and description can be filled in the Action class. The execute method of the ActionEngine class can be implemented.