The Delay action pauses the Virtual User for a specified duration. The delay is expressed in milliseconds and may be set as a NeoLoad variable (useful for random delays).

Name: This is the name of the Action. In this case, the default name is "Delay".

Description: The Action behavior can be described in this field.

Delay: The time, in milliseconds, to apply the Delay can be specified in this field. A click on the Variable picker button allows setting a NeoLoad variable to the Delay.

Delay from: The time to apply to the Delay can be set as a range between two values in milliseconds.

Consider as think time: Ticking the check box allows defining the Delay as a think time. In this case, the Delay is not taken into account for calculating the response time of the parent containers.

Set global think time for all User Path pages and delays: A click on the link allows assigning the same think time for all the Pages and Delays of the User Path. A click on the link redirects you to the User Path runtime parameters section. For more information, see Virtual User runtime parameters.