If ... Then ... Else

The If ... Then ... Else action is used to execute conditional actions. When creating a conditional action, two Containers are created, Then and Else. If the condition is true, the actions in the Then Container are executed; If false, the actions in the Else Container are executed. A condition is composed of two operands and an operator. The operators are:

Each operand may be a variable ${VariableName} or a static string. In the case of the Exists operator, operand1 can only be a VariableName variable name.

Several conditions may be used within an If ... Then ... Else action. To add a condition, simply click on the + button below the table of conditions. You must then specify whether the action is executed if all the conditions are true (Resolve all the following items), or if at least one of them is true (Resolve one of the following items).