Upgrade Host Machines

This functionality is only available from the Automation Host 2.0.3 or later.

To upgrade one or multiple host machines from qTest Launch. select the host(s) in the host list, and click on Upgrade button.

You will be presented with an Upgrade Host dialog. From here you can:

  1. Select a next compatible version of Automation Host in the UPGRADE TO column.

    • By default, the latest compatible version will be automatically selected. If there is no compatible version for the host to upgrade, the list will be empty.

  2. View Release note of the selected Automation Host version

  3. Click on UPGRADE button to schedule upgrading to the selected host

The host machine will be scheduled to be upgraded next time it polls to qTest Launch. Note: this will take a while for the host to upgrade itself to the new version. 

When the host machine successfully upgraded itself to the new version, the Host UI shows the new version in the bottom right corner, as below screenshot.

View Upgrade Log

View Upgrade Log from Launch

At qTest Launch. you can view the upgrade log by selecting View Upgrade Log for a host machine.

The host detail page will be presented with the Upgrade Log tab being automatically selected that shows all upgrade history.

View Upgrade Log from Automation Host

To view Upgrade Log from Automation Host UI, click on View Upgrade Log button.

The Upgrade Log dialog will be presented for you to view all the upgrade history.