Get Started with Jira Integration

Jira Integration: qTest Enterprise helps build a seamless connection between Jira and qTest Manager. Users can:

  • Import Requirements from Jira and link them to Test Cases for full traceability

  • Execute Test Runs and automatically report Defects into Jira with full execution history for your development teams.

Any update from Jira will populate in qTest in real-time, without any required data synchronization.

Check out these topics:

Jira Rate Limiting

Beginning with Jira 8.6, Atlassian introduced rate limiting for Jira Server/Data Center. Customers can limit the number of calls Jira can make and receive. This setting is enabled in your Jira instance by your Jira Administrator. If rate limiting is enabled, it may delay updates between qTest and Jira. For more information about this change, refer to this article from Atlassian.

In response to this change, qTest has added the following modifications when rate limiting is turned on in your Jira instance:

  • When the Jira connection is being rate limited, users will receive message banners advising them of the wait time until they can try their action again.

  • When one task in the queue to a Jira connection gets rate limited, all of the tasks in the queue to the same Jira connection, will be delayed until the "try after" time is complete.

  • qTest APIs for Jira integration will return a 429 code when qTest is rate limited.

Users will be informed of qTest being rate limited when:

  • Jira Requirement/Release is out of sync

  • Create/edit a Jira connection

  • Retrieve Defects in Add Test Runs dialog > Defect tab

  • Link Defects in Test Execution History

  • Submit a new Defect and link it to a Test Log or a Test Step Log (includes QuickRun, TestPad)

  • Link an existing Defect to a Test Log or a Test Step Log (includes QuickRun, TestPad)

  • Manually retrieve data of a Requirement or a Release

  • Configuring a connection to Jira

Example error message: "The action cannot be done at the moment due to the rate limiting configuration of your Jira administrator. Please try again after ... If this issue is becoming more frequent, please contact your Jira administrator to change the configuration accordingly."