Manager 10.4.4 Release Notes

June 24, 2021

Submit Automation Test Log API enhancement

Users can set or update Test Run Properties when submitting Test Logs through the Submit Automation Test Log API. If valid properties are provided and the Test Log is submitted to qTest, the Test Run will be updated with the properties and values, and the Test Log will be set with the properties and values.

Defects API enhancement

The Defects API returns actual external issues types (i.e., Bug, sub-Task, Defect) now to make it more readable for users.

Bug fixes

Ticket # Component


INC0307378 Test Execution Users encountered an error within the Test Run history when switching Test Case Version from having a Test Log to not having a Test Log. This error has been fixed.
INC0299416 Test Execution When creating Test Runs with a large amount of configuration values, users experienced a performance lag due to all values being loaded, despite the field being inactive. This issue has been fixed.