Manager 11.2.0 Release Notes

September 28, 2022

Tricentis is excited to announce the release of qTest Manager 11.2. This release includes new ways to notify users within your projects, custom test step fields, and performance enhancements.

Notification system

Administrators can now set up and schedule notification banners in the Notification Center to ensure users are aware of any applicable information, such as system updates and planned outages.

To do so, navigate to Notifications and select Schedule a Notification.

Notification banners display at the bottom of users' screens during the scheduled dates and times.

To learn more about creating system-wide notifications, refer to Notification Center.

Performance enhancements

We have performed several background changes to improve the performance of GET Test Cycles API calls. Moreover, several background changes have been made to improve the overall speed and performance of qTest Manager.


Custom test step fields

If you are an administrator, we added the ability for you to create up to two custom columns for test steps. Use these custom fields to easily track unique information for your test steps, such as additional test data, with either rich text editors or combo boxes. You can also use this feature to help migrate test cases into qTest from an older software.

To add custom test step columns, navigate to Site Fields in Administration and select Manage Site Fields. From here, you can add and customize the new columns under Test Step.

Once added, these two columns universally display on all test steps sections for all test cases you create, either past, present, or future.

For more information about creating custom columns for test steps, refer to Site Fields.

Performance enhancements

We have added a limit to the number of test cases that users can link to a requirement in a single operation to prevent any errors caused when users link too many test cases at once. The default upper limit is now 100, and administrators can set a custom limit in Configuration.

This error message displays when users try to link any amount of test cases over the set limit in a single operation.


Bug fixes

Ticket # Component Description
CS0356758, CS0356996, CS0356827, CS0362178, CS0362747; CS0364751 qTest Fixes an issue that caused formatting to disappear for text entered into the test case and test step description when you click Save or Approve for the test case.
CS0354204 qTest Manager Fixes an issue that caused customers with appropriate access to be unable to set up a second qTest trial instance in the same region with the same credentials unless they requested manual intervention.
CS0351130 qTest - API Updated qTest API documentation.

qTest - API

Fixed an issue that causes the search user by username in API to be case sensitive.


qTest - Vera integration

Fixes an issue that caused the Route for Approval button to display in VERA integration after the record had been approved.

Known Issue 1

If you copy test cases with custom columns into a different project, values in the custom columns do not copy into the new project. Values in Step Description and Expected Results still copy correctly.
Known Issue 2

If you delete a Custom Test Step Column and it is removed from a test case, requirement, or defect, the history API will no longer work correctly.