Welcome to the Tricentis TDM Studio Manual 13.1

Welcome to the Tricentis TDM Studio Manual 13.1

Your source for answers and step by step instructions to start working with Tricentis TDM Studio.

Get started

Learn how to work with Tricentis TDM Studio.

Release notes

Discover key changes released in version 13.1.

System requirements

Check the system requirements.


Learn how to install Tricentis TDM Studio.

Navigate the UI

Get to know the user interface of Tricentis TDM Studio.

Scripting language

Learn more about the TDM Studio Scripting Language.

TDM Wizard for SAP BAPI

Get to know the TDM Wizard for SAP BAPI.

TDM Wizard for Databases

Find out more about the TDM Wizard for Databases.


Learn how to generate test data with the AutoLoader.

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