The installation process

This chapter describes the process to install Tricentis Tosca on your computer.


Tricentis Tosca needs some prerequisites to work properly. One of these components is the Microsoft® .NET Framework Version 4.7.1. It requires potentially a restart of the operating system during its installation. Use one of the following ways that matches your requirements:

Installation with planned system restart

To install with planned system restart, download and install .NET Framework 4.7.1 prior to the Tosca setup.

Installation with automatic system restart

Execute the file Tosca<version number>.exe to start the installation process.

If required software components are missing, they are displayed in the InstallShield Wizard dialog box.

Example of components to be installed

Click on Install to perform the installation process.

During the installation process, the operating system will be restarted without user interaction, if necessary. Once the components have been installed successfully, Tricentis Tosca will be installed on your computer.

Start the installation

The Installation Wizard guides you through the installation process.

Welcome screen

Click Next to continue.

License agreement

Read the license agreement carefully. If you do not accept the license agreement, the setup process can not be continued. To install Tricentis Tosca, accept the license agreement.

Click Next to continue.

License Agreement

License information for third-party software components

Tricentis Tosca uses third-party software components. A list of these components and the corresponding license notes can be found in the %TRICENTIS_HOME%\dll\License.txt file.

Additional options

In the Additional options dialog, you can perform the following actions:

  • Enable the Tosca BI Addin.

    To work with the AddIn, you need valid Tosca BI licenses. Please contact your respective sales person for further information on Tosca BI licensing.

    You can also enable or disable the Tosca BI Addin in the Options dialog at Options->Tosca BI.

  • Enable Tosca Diagnostics.

    You can also enable or disable Tosca Diagnostics in the Settings dialog at Settings->Diagnostics. For more information on Tosca Diagnostics settings, see chapter "Settings - Diagnostics".

    Tosca Diagnostics is enabled by default.

Additional Options dialog, Tosca Diagnostics enabled

Select the installation directory

If you want Tricentis Tosca to be installed in a directory other than the default directory, click on Change... and select the required directory.

Click Next to continue.

Choosing the installation directory

If you do not want the Tosca_Projects folder to be installed in the default directory, click Change... and specify the directory of your choice. Note that all Tosca users need to have write access to this directory.

To modify the path of the user-defined settings and the license, click Change... under and select the required directory. Note that all Tosca users need write access to this directory.

Note that network drives are not supported to host the directories Tosca_Projects and APPDATA. The Tosca_Projects Folder must be placed on a directory that is persistent on the machine.

Click Next to continue.

Choosing common path for Tosca Projects

Select the Setup Type

You can choose from three types of installation.

  • Tosca Commander will perform a default installation.

  • Slim Agent will install Tosca without the Classic Engines.

  • Custom lets you choose the components for installation.

Select your preferred setup type and click Next to continue .

If you have selected the option Tosca Commander or Slim Agent, the installation process continues at "Confirm the installation".

Select the setup type

Custom Setup

If you have selected the setup type Custom in the previous window, right-click onto the components which should not be installed to deselect them.

Click Next to continue .

Select components

Confirm the installation

Click Install to run the installation.

Installg Tosca

Finish the installation

Enable the checkbox next to Check to restart after setup completion to automatically reboot your computer once the installation is finished.

Click Finish to complete the installation.

The installation process is completed

At this stage, the Tricentis Tosca installation is completed for the Microsoft® Windows user that is logged in. Tricentis Tosca will be available to other users as soon as Microsoft® Windows is rebooted.

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