Tricentis Tosca Server Patch Notes Version 12.3 Patch 01-03

This topic provides information on the installation, new features and resolved issues of the Tricentis Tosca Server patch.

Tricentis Tosca Server patches are cumulative. The most recent patch for this Tricentis Tosca version contains the newly added features and fixes as well as those from previous patches. You only need to install the latest patch for this Tricentis Tosca version.

To ensure full functionality, make sure that you have also installed patch 13 or later for Tricentis Tosca.


  1. Download the installation file from the Support Portal and unzip all files.

  2. Create a backup of the Web.config files of all Tosca Server features.

  3. Run the Tosca Server 12.3 Patch3.exe file.

    If required, run the installation file with administrator rights.

Some Tricentis Tosca Server components may require additional manual configuration after the installation has been completed.

You will find further information on these components below.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been resolved:


Fixed in



Distributed Execution

Patch 02


Improves the stability of the Tosca RDP Server. When it loses the connection to the Tosca Distribution Agent, it tries to re-establish the connection.

Distributed Execution

Patch 02


Improves the stability of the Tosca RDP Server when working with several Tosca Distribution Agents.

Distributed Execution

Patch 02


Improves the stability of the Tosca RDP Server.

Exploratory Testing Agent

Patch 01


Fixes a versioning issue where Exploratory Testing Agent couldn't be launched after update to version 12.3.

Test Data Service

Patch 01


Test Data Service API swagger documentation does not require standard web sources to load fonts.

Test Data Service

Patch 02


Fixes an issue with some versions of Test Data Service API revealing sensitive data under certain circumstances.

Tosca Continuous Integration

Patch 03


Fixes a bug that made the Tosca CI Client crash when running a test that prints the character \u0015 to the LogInfo.