Create workspaces

In this chapter you will learn how to create workspaces in Tosca Commander, either in a single-user environment or in a multi-user environment. To create a new workspace in Tosca, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the option Project->New from the menu.

  2. Define the repository type for your new workspace:

    • None (creates single user workspace)

    • Tricentis Cloud

    • SQLite

    • Oracle

    • MS SQL Server

    • DB2

    For further details on how to configure these repository types, please refer to see chapter "Connecting Common Repositories". For information on how to create a workspace from the Tricentis Cloud, see chapter "Create Cloud workspaces".

  3. Define the directory where the workspace should be saved under Create new workspace in.

  4. Enter a meaningful name for your workspace into the field Select name for new workspace.

  5. The option Use workspace template is provided when a workspace is being created with a new common repository.

    If this option is selected, a subset is automatically imported when the workspace is created. You can import the Standard subset included in the product package. If you enable the checkbox, Tosca automatically provides you with the Standard subset file in the field beneath. Alternatively you can also select any subsets from a directory via the button.

  6. The option Create slim workspace is available for multiuser workspaces which are created for an existing common repository.

    All objects in the newly created workspace are deactivated and thus excluded by default from synchronization. In large repositories, this option turns out to be advantageous as regards performance. More information on synchronization can be found in chapter "Synchronizing data".

Create new multiuser workspace with workspace template

  1. A click on the OK button creates the workspace.

    The next window lists all the parameters required for creating the workspace. This window will close automatically after 3 seconds, or you can manually close it by clicking on the Close button.

Parameters overview for Multiuser Workspace & new Common Repository

  1. Your new workspace will automatically open, and a small success dialog will be visible for several seconds on the bottom right corner of your screen.

This success dialog only appears if you allow the Create new workspace window above to close automatically. It will not appear if you manually click on Close.

Workspace success dialog, bottom right corner of screen