Settings Dialog

In the Settings dialog the default values of settings are defined. These values can be modified. Administrators have additional options as described in chapter chapter "Managing settings".

In the description of the settings the default settings are given. If no value is defined in the Settings dialog, an example is given instead.

Navigate to Project->Settingsto open the Settings dialog.

Settings dialog

The settings are arranged in the left window pane in technology-specific categories.

Select a category to display the corresponding settings in the right window pane.

The columns contain the following information:

  • Name of the setting

  • Value of the setting that can be modified

  • Comment that contains a short description of the setting

Add the following columns via the Column Chooser to the title bar (see chapter "Column Chooser"):

Settings menu

In this menu you can manage the used MetaSettings.xml file.

The window caption shows the MetaSettings file that is used (see chapter "Storage location of the MetaSettings file").

Ctrl + L

A new MetaSettings.xml file can be loaded. If a file is already loaded, the option Unload must be selected first.

Ctrl + U

A MetaSettings.xml file that is loaded can be deactivated.

Add new settings file...

A new settings file can be specified here. This file is newly created and added to the MetaSettings.xml file.

Recent Settings

Lists the recently opened MetaSettings.xml files, so that they can be loaded again quickly and easily.


Closes the Settings dialog.

View menu

In the View menu you can configure the view of your Tosca Settings Dialog.


The Settings dialog is updated.

Search Filter
Ctrl + F

This setting displays the search field in the toolbar (see Illustration "Search filter"). The search includes the names of the categories, settings, Collections and CollectionEntries, as well as to the values of the settings and CollectionEntries (see chapter "Managing settings").

Choose Font

Here you can define the font for the Settings dialog. The available fonts can be selected from a dropdown list.

File structure

The file structure shows the hierarchy of the used settings files and which setting is part of which file. The MetaSettings.xml file serves as a basis for this information (see chapter "Storage location of the MetaSettings file").

The valid .xmlfiles are displayed top down in the Settings dialog.

Show duplicate settings

This option marks the duplicate settings. This also applies to inactive settings.


Defines the technologies for which the settings are visible and thus usable. Only the setting Base is available at the moment. The value Extended is only relevant for XDefinition Engines.

Search filter

? menu

This entry shows the version number of the Settings dialog.





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