Work with Tricentis Tosca

This chapter describes the user interface, how to use it, and some general functions to get you started with Tricentis Tosca Commander.

You can only run Tricentis Tosca Commander in single-view mode, i.e. one display on one desktop.

You can mirror the screen to a second display or to a video projector, but other options are not supported (e.g. dualscreen mode). The same applies for remote desktops.

Start Tosca Commander

After you have successfully installed Tricentis Tosca, open Tosca Commander from the Windows start menu.

Open your Windows menu and type Tosca Commander, or navigate to Start->All Programs->Tricentis->Tosca->Tosca Commander.

This opens the Tosca Commander start page. On the left side of the window you can see workspaces that have recently been opened. The workspacesFirst Steps and Advanced Examples are included by default. These projects provide you with examples and fully functional test cases to help you get started with Tricentis Tosca.

The right side of the start window provides you with some useful links, including a link to the Online help.

From the start window, you can proceed with one of the following options:

Tosca Commander start page