Key Features Version 13.2

The Tricentis team is excited to unveil Tricentis Tosca 13.2.

This chapter gives you an overview of our Tosca Version 13.2 key features.

For a detailed list of all new features, please download the Technical Release Notes from the Tricentis Support Portal.

API Scan

With Tricentis Tosca 13.2, API Scan supports using a proxy.

If you work with CICS and copybook messages in API Scan, you can now validate the payload and check for faulty copybooks.

Tricentis Tosca 13.2 delivers the following enhancements:

  • Improvements for Amazon SQS features (FIFO queue support and purge queue functionalities).

  • API Recorder improvement.


API Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 13.2 adds HTTP/HTTPS AWS signature authentication.

As of version 13.2, the API Engine supports using a proxy.

Furthermore, the API Engine can now access attachments via wildcard or index. This makes steering your attachments easier if, for example, the attachment name changes with every request.


Automation Recording Assistant

Tricentis Tosca 13.2 delivers the following improvements for Automation Recording Assistant:

  • You can now continue the recording after you stop it.

  • After editing the values of TestSteps, you can now undo or redo the changes.

  • You can use our new keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity.

  • You can set the zoom factor of the Windows display settings to one of the standard values.


Distributed Execution

With Tricentis Tosca 13.2, you can scale Tosca Unattended Execution more easily. The Tosca RDP Server now runs as a service on the same machine as the Tosca Distribution Agent, and the Tosca RDP Server is included in the installation of the Tosca Distribution Agent.

Additionally, you can specify a custom port for the RDP connection.


Import and export subsets

With Tricentis Tosca 13.2, we improved the import and export of subsets functionality in a way that it allows importing and exporting larger subsets without any exceptions.


Mobile Engine 3.0

With Tricentis Tosca 13.2, we improved the performance of Mobile Engine 3.0 test execution in mobile clouds.

Furthermore, you can now use the Select on Screen function for web and hybrid mobile applications.


The new version of Tricentis Tosca verifies if you configured your operating system for local Android test automation when you run the Mobile Scan.

Your Mobile Engine 3.0 TestCases now use our new mobile HTML engine when you test web applications. The new mobile HTML engine significantly improves the performance of your TestCases in online clouds.


Orchestrated Service Virtualization (OSV)

The OSV AddIn is now part of the Tricentis Tosca standard installation. You can simply enable it in the Tosca Commander options.

Tosca OSV 13.2 also includes a preview version of the OSV Web Monitor, a new central place to manage your OSV testing activities that you can simply run in your browser. This preview version offers similar features as the OSV Monitor.

Additionally, OSV now supports ActiveMQ Artemis. If you use IBM MQ, you can work with dynamic IBM MQ queues that are created during run-time. You can specify queue names dynamically by leaving the queue name empty and specifying it via the Reply-To header.

Furthermore, you can use XBuffers in OSV to partially buffer values in payloads, headers, resources, and query parameters.

OSV 13.2 automatically uses the endpoint that you define in a Scenario to run it. You no longer have to define the endpoint on the HTTP client Service Port.


PDF Engine 3.0

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.2, you can rescan PDF Modules which contain anchor controls.


Salesforce 3.0

With Tricentis Tosca 13.2, we improved support for Salesforce 3.0.


SAP Engine 3.0

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.2, you can use the Screen Flow setting and test configuration parameter (TCP) to take screenshots while you automate SAP applications.


SAP Web Extension 3.0

With Tricentis Tosca 13.2, we improved the performance of SAP Fiori controls and offer support for SAP Fiori 1.71.

This version of Tricentis Tosca also includes a new standard Module for steering SAP Fiori Generic Tile.


System Requirements

With our newest version of Tricentis Tosca, we support Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 for Tosca Server and Tosca Commander.

Test Data Management

With Tricentis Tosca 13.2, the Tosca Server supports the following new Test Data Service (TDS) functions:

  • Import/Export: Now you can use JSON format and add data to your test data repositories even quicker. For textual data formats, you can import directly from the clipboard.

  • Web UI improvements: Now includes even quicker page navigation and sorting by string values. Additionally, you can now edit and delete records faster.


Test Management Platform

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.2, you can enable hints that inform you about surpassing the recommended workspace size. These hints also provide you with best practices to solve the issue.


Tosca BI - Tosca Data Integrity

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.2, Tosca BI/DWH Testing runs under the new name Tosca Data Integrity (DI). This is just a name change; Tosca Data Integrity offers the same functionality as Tosca BI.


Tosca qTest integration

You can integrate Tricentis Tosca and qTest, which allows you to combine the best of both worlds:

  • qTest's Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integration and release planning

  • Tricentis Tosca's automation capabilities

As of this version of Tricentis Tosca, you can link TestCases and TestCase folders with qTest, update links, and track the results of your automated tests in qTest.


Tosca XScan

With Tricentis Tosca 13.2, we introduced improvements for Tosca XScan. You can now blacklist applications that you want Tosca XScan to ignore, and configure whether Tosca XScan should attach a screenshot to each Module that it creates.


Tricentis File Service

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.2, we deliver enhancements for Tricentis File Service:


Tricentis Service Configuration

With Tricentis Tosca 13.2, we introduce additional password security enhancements. During configuration of the Tricentis Authentication Service, you can now specify an expiration period for passwords. After the specified period, users have to change their passwords.


Additionally, the navigation of Tricentis Service Configuration is much smoother:

  • You can now start Tricentis Service Configuration easily from the Windows Start menu.

  • You can now save all changes for all Tricentis Service Configuration tabs with one click.


Tricentis User Administration

Tricentis User Administration 13.2 has a brand-new user interface that makes it easy to navigate your account.

Furthermore, we enable a seamless single sign-on experience for users with the new Single Sign On (SSO) option.


XBrowser Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 13.2 delivers the following enhancements for XBrowser Engine 3.0:


Upgrade to Tricentis Tosca 13.2

For detailed information on how to upgrade from Tricentis Tosca 13.1 to Tricentis Tosca 13.2, see chapter "Upgrade from Version 13.1 to 13.2".