ActionMode WaitOn

The ActionMode WaitOn pauses the execution of a TestCase until the respective control provides the value or property specified in the Value field.

You can specify the maximum time Tricentis Tosca should wait in the setting Maximum Wait Duration under Project->Settings->Engine->Waiton.

Fill-in help:

  • The ActionMode column is set to WaitOn.

  • Value indicates the value for the cell to be specified via Row and Column in order for test execution to continue.

    If a space is entered as a value, the property .exists=true is verified in the cell. If a space is to be transferred as a space, a delimiter must be specified (see setting "Exact match delimiter").

  • Row specifies the row where the value or the property is expected.

  • Column specifies the column where the value or the property is expected.

  • No value is entered into the Action row.

Tosca waits until the value of the cell in row 2, column 3 is set to Value.

Example - WaitOn is applied to a column value