Install Tosca in CITRIX environments

You can install and use Tricentis Tosca in a CITRIX environment.

However, these environments have extremely limited user rights, especially in regards to writing and modifying files. This is an important consideration when you set up Tricentis Tosca projects.

The actual restrictions depend on the configuration of your CITRIX environment.

Consider this chapter as a collection of recommendations and best practices.

Handle write permissions

During installation, Tricentis Tosca creates environment variables (see "Files and directories").

When a user starts a Windows instance under CITRIX, this is usually done on the C:\ drive. In restrictive CITRIX environments, users have no rights to create, modify, or delete files on the C:\ drive.

To use Tricentis Tosca, however, users must have unlimited write permissions for the following directories:




Set up user directories

In CITRIX environments, you need to ensure that users don't overwrite each others' information, in this case Tosca workspaces and settings.

You need to provide a directory on a network drive, with a separate sub-directory for each user.

To set up a user directory, follow the steps below:

  1. Give the directory an appropriate name. Tricentis recommends that you use the CITRIX log-in name of the user as the name of their directory.

  2. Create the following sub-directories in each user directory:

    • Settings, i.e. <user directory name>\Settings\XML

    • Tosca_Projects, i.e. <user directory name>\Tosca_Projects

    You can copy and paste the content of %TRICENTIS_PROJECTS%, which was installed during the setup.

  3. Ensure that the path variable %TRICENTIS_PROJECTS% points to the network directory that contains the respective user directory. If you have used the CITRIX log-in name of the user as the name of their directory, this happens automatically.

Organize workspaces

If you use Tricentis Tosca in a multi-user environment, you have to create a separate workspace for each user.

Save this workspace to the respective user directory at <user directory name>\Tosca_Projects\Tosca_Workspaces.

Create separate settings files

Workspaces and users require settings which can be modified individually.

After you have set up the user directory, add the file Settings.xml to each user directory under <user directory name>\Settings.

Adapt references

Once you have set up the network drive with the user directories, you need to update your references.

References to C:

You need to update all references to C:\Temp in the settings element TempDir in the following files:

  • %COMMANDER_HOME%\TCShell.exe.config

  • %COMMANDER_HOME%\TOSCACommander.exe.config

References to settings

For Tricentis Tosca to load the settings, you need to adapt the file MetaSettings.xml located at %TRICENTIS_HOME%\dll\Settings\XML. You only have to do this once.

Adapt the reference to the user's Settings.xml by using the path variable that you created for <user directory name>\TRICENTIS_Projects.

For instance: ${TRICENTIS_PROJECTS}\Settings\Settings.xml.