Key Features Version 13.3

The Tricentis team is excited to unveil Tricentis Tosca 13.3.

This chapter gives you an overview of our Tosca Version 13.3 key features.

For a detailed list of all new features, please download the Technical Release Notes from the Tricentis Support Portal.

Distributed Execution

With Tricentis Tosca 13.3, if you use Distributed Execution with AOS (Automation Object Service), you can execute TestCases in an ExecutionList simultaneously on different Tosca Distribution Agents which can improve performance.

Distribution by object type

With Tricentis Tosca 13.3, the task Show distribution by object type allows administrator users to get an overview of the local workspace and/or common repository distribution.


Interactive Testing Agent

With Tricentis Tosca 13.3, for a more convenient testing experience, you can copy and paste the text of TestStepValues in the Interactive Testing Agent.

Mail Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 13.3 provides support improvements for the Mail Engine 3.0. You can now use your Windows credentials to authenticate for using the Mail Engine 3.0 as LDAP authentication support is added.

Mobile Engine 3.0

Tricentis Tosca 13.3 supports ActionMode WaitOn for controls that are not visible on the screen of your Android or iOS mobile device.

Furthermore, you can now use the Android Snackbar Module to steer the snackbar in Android applications.


As of our newest version of Tricentis Tosca, the Mobile Scan doesn't reset your mobile application by default. If you want to reset your application, you can use the new Reset application feature in the Mobile Scan.

Additionally, we enhanced the Mobile Scan. You can now scroll as well as filter the devices and applications on the start screen of the Mobile Scan. What's more, a new pop-up window prevents you from removing an application or device from the list by accident.

Optimized workspace schema

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.3, the workspace schema is upgraded. This keeps your workspace slim, which improves its local performance, as well as the performance of team tasks.


SAP Engine 3.0

With Tricentis Tosca 13.3, we introduce the first version of self-healing SAP modules for the users of LiveCompare and Tricentis Tosca. This allows you to identify XModules and TestCases which need maintenance due to, for example imported SAP Transport or Service Pack upgrade.

SAP Web Extension 3.0

Based on the new approach for SAP Fiori controls that we introduced in Tricentis Tosca 13.2, version 13.3 supports Radio Button. Altogether, this boosts performance and test stability when you execute tests of SAP Fiori applications.

Test Data Management – Test Data Service

Tricentis Tosca 13.3 provides the Test Data Service with improved and extended usage through the Standard Modules that allows you to achieve more tasks faster and better now. Furthermore, it is now easier to move from Classic Test Data Management to Test Data Service if you had missed the respective tasks so far.

Our latest version of Tricentis Tosca offers the following features and functionalities that let you:

  • Make more powerful query possibilities in Find & Provide items with the new attribute for Query expressions in order to design your own criteria with powerful expressions.

  • Find & Provide items and return not always the first item, but the one with a specific or random position within the matching items.

  • File Import/Export of test data with Standard Modules to provide or archive a specific set of data in your test data types during automated test execution.

Test Management Platform

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.3, admin users can both delete version history by date or revision and switch off versioning to reduce the size of the repository.

Tosca Data Integrity

With Tricentis Tosca 13.3, you can try out the new Preview Tosca Data Integrity Agent that allows you to run data comparisons on a local or remote system and supports JDBC data sources. With the agent, you can save cost and time by installing Tosca Commander locally and using the lightweight Tosca Data Integrity Agent to run your comparisons on a remote system, such as a cloud platform. Running the comparison close to where the data is stored massively improves the compare performance, because less data is transferred.


Tosca qtest integration

Our latest version of Tricentis Tosca offers enhanced integration features and functionalities:

Tricentis Service Configuration

Tricentis Tosca 13.3 provides stability improvements for Tricentis Service Configuration. Moreover, you can now access log files with ease via Tricentis Service Configuration.

Tricentis User Administration

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.3, you can enable audit logs in the Tricentis Authentication Service. Audit logs track all user activity in Tricentis User Administration and log it to either an audit file or directly into Splunk. This allows you to meet your audit requirements and have full traceability of all tasks executed.

With the latest Tosca version, admin users can delete users from Tricentis User Administration. When you invite users, you can now use special characters in email addresses.

XBrowser Engine 3.0

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.3, you can execute your tests in a headless Chrome or Firefox browser instance via WebDriver.

Upgrade to Tricentis Tosca 13.3

For detailed information on how to upgrade from Tricentis Tosca 13.2 to Tricentis Tosca 13.3, see chapter "Upgrade from version 13.2 to 13.3".