Tosca Data Integrity

Tricentis Tosca Data Integrity (Tosca DI) allows you to end-to-end test your data with automated TestCases.

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.2, Tosca BI runs under the name Tosca Data Integrity (Tosca DI). This is just a name change; Tosca Data Integrity offers the same functionality as Tosca BI.

Tosca Data Integrity end-to-end support

The following main test types help you ensure data quality throughout all stages of your Data Integrity testing cycle:

  1. Pre-Screening Tests: verify whether your files contain the expected data.

  2. Vital Checks and Field Tests: ensure the integrity of your data as well as the completeness and correctness of tables and fields.

  3. Reconciliation Tests: compare two data sets from two different systems.

  4. Report Testing: check the presentation and the content of reports.

  5. Profiling: validate data from a business perspective for logical consistency and correctness.


To use Tosca Data Integrity, you need a valid Data Integrity license or a Tosca BI license from previous versions. For further information on licenses, contact your Tricentis sales person.

If you have installed Tosca Data Integrity without a valid license, you receive an error message: No license found for the following AddIns - ToscaDatantegrityIAddIn.

To avoid this error message, disable the Tosca Data Integrity AddIn in the Tosca Commander Options dialog.

Disable the Tosca Data Integrity AddIn in the Options dialog

Tosca Data Integrity ports and communication

By default, Tosca Data Integrity uses the following ports for communication:

Tosca Data Integrity ports and communication