First steps tutorial

This tutorial introduces the basic functions in Tosca Commander. You will create a test case for the Tricentis Sample Application then execute this test case.

Chapter overview

Tricentis recommends going through this tutorial chapter by chapter in the following order as the contents are explained step by step:

  1. Chapter chapter "Preconditions for working through the Tutorial" specifies software requirements and browser settings required for completing the tutorial.

  2. Chapter "Definition of Terms for the Tosca Commander Objects" explains the basic terms in Tosca and how TestCases are structured.

  3. Chapter chapter "Start Tosca Commander" explains how to start and work with Tosca Commander, how to open the tutorial, and introduces Tosca workspaces.

  4. Chapter chapter "The Tricentis Sample Application" introduces the Tricentis Sample Application which you will work with during the tutorial.

  5. Chapter "Create Modules" explains why you need modules, and how to create modules for your test case.

  6. Chapter "Create TestCases" explains how to build and manage test cases in Tosca, and how to create and add test steps to your first test case.

  7. Chapter "Execute TestCases" provides a detailed description of execution lists and the Scratchbook, and explains how to create an execution list for your test case.


To open the Tricentis Tosca Manual online, press the F1 key in Tosca Commander.

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