Salesforce 3.0

With the Salesforce Engine 3.0, you can automate your Salesforce applications. It provides a stable, consistent testing platform for testing your various Salesforce apps and controls.

The Salesforce Engine 3.0 includes the Salesforce Scanner, which allows you to one-click scan your complete Salesforce instance. The Salesforce Scanner also creates the Module structure automatically to start creating TestCases without having to scan every Salesforce app and screen individually.

For a list of supported Salesforce versions, see the system requirements.


The Salesforce Engine 3.0 is part of the Tricentis Tosca standard installation.

The Salesforce Engine 3.0 uses Tosca XBrowser for steering browser controls. For a list of supported browser versions, see the system requirements.


To run Salesforce Engine 3.0, you don't need to perform additional configuration steps.

Configure performance optimization

To improve the performance of your Salesforce tests, Tricentis Tosca uses the OptimizeForSalesforce test configuration parameter. It decreases execution time by about 40% on average.

By default, the TCP OptimizeForSalesforce is set to True. However, if you encounter issues due to performance optimization for Salesforce, you can disable it.

To do so, create the TCP OptimizeForSalesforce on the Tosca object that you want to configure, then change its value to False.