Tricentis Neo Engine

As of Tricentis Tosca 13.4, the Neo Engine is available as a public preview.

With the Neo Engine, Tricentis introduces a new approach to testing that uses deep convolutional neural networks combined with advanced heuristics to deliver stable, self-healing, platform-agnostic UI automation. The Neo Engine together with Tricentis Tosca gives you a powerful tool to automate even on the hardest-to-access UI systems.

For information regarding software versions and hardware requirements for test automation with the Neo Engine, see the system requirements.

For information regarding ports required by Tricentis Tosca, see chapter "Ports required by Tricentis Tosca components".

Manage users

You can manage the users of Tricentis Neo Engine via the cloud-based Tricentis User Administration. Tricentis User Administration in the cloud offers the same functionality as the server-based Tricentis User Administration. For detailed information on managing users, see chapter "Server-based user administration".

To access cloud-based Tricentis User Administration, go to the website


The current version of Tricentis Neo Engine doesn't support the following functions:

  • Trees and TabBars

  • Wildcards (*) in TechnicalID parameters

Additionally, there are some limitations related to table steering.

To overcome current limitations, you can insert the NeoScript statements directly between TestSteps in Tricentis Tosca. To do so, use the Run NeoScript Module.

Get started

For information on how to install and use the Neo Engine, see the following chapters: