Plan, create and execute tests

Tricentis Tosca helps you to plan, create, and execute your test cases in a straight-forward and reusable manner to minimize your maintenance efforts and achieve sustainable automation.

Tricentis Tosca is made up of different sections that variously help you in the planning, creation, and execution of your test cases.

Tricentis Tosca sections

  • The Configurations section allows you to structure your test configuration parameters at one specific point in your repository.

  • The Execution section, or green section, is where the actual test execution is performed. In this section, you can see the logs and results of your tests. You can also conduct exploratory testing or boost your performance with distributed execution in this section.

  • The Issues section allows you to manage any undesired behavior of the system under test. You can either create new issues that come up during test execution, or link existing issues to a TestCase log.

  • The Modules section, or orange section, allows you to create modules for use in TestCases. These modules contain technical information that is used to steer test objects.

  • The Reporting AddIn allows you to create reports to document the status of your project.

  • The Requirements section, or yellow section, allows you to specify requirements for your TestCases as well as to assign risk coverage for efficient testing.

  • The TestCase-Design section, or red section, enables you to put your test cases into a logical structure. In this section, you can create a TestSheet to show all possible combinations of TestCases required to ensure full test coverage.

  • The TestCases section, or blue section, is where you create your TestCases, which are made up of a series of TestSteps.

TestCase specification phases