Create TestSteps with Fuzzy Search

Tosca Fuzzy Search lets you search for Modules, XModules, and Reusable TestStepBlocks to create new TestSteps.

Launch Fuzzy Search

You can launch Fuzzy Search from the following objects:

  • TestCases

  • Folders within TestCases

  • TestSteps

  • TestStepValues

  • Reusable TestStepBlocks

  • Recovery Scenarios

To launch the Fuzzy Search, right-click an object and select Search and Add TestStep from the context menu, or select the object and press Ctrl + T.

Search for objects

To search with Fuzzy Search, type a search term into the entry field.

The Fuzzy Search searches all Module, XModule, and Reusable TestStepBlock names for the search term and for parts of it. Characters that match the search term are highlighted. The order of the search results depends on how many search term characters match the entry.

The result is up to 25 objects along with their icons, names, and paths within the project.

Search results for exc

Create a TestStep

To create a TestStep from an entry in the search results, double-click it, or select the entry and press ENTER.

The resulting TestStep is expanded automatically; all TestStepValues are visible.