View project history

You can view all changes made to an entire project in revisions. A revision contains all changes that have been made in the repository between checkout and checkin. This option is available for all branches.

By default, the project history shows you all revisions prior to the current workspace revision. If you want to see all revisions including revisions higher than the current workspace revision, click Update all in the Home menu before you view the project history.

To view the project history, switch to the Versioning menu and click View Change History for Project.

Accumulate revisions

Only users with administrator rights can create and remove accumulated revisions.

The Change History window lists all revisions and allows you to accumulate them. This means that you can select and summarize several revisions.

When you click on a revision in the list, Tosca loads all modified cluster objects in the lower part of the window. This can take some time. To avoid waiting time, Tricentis recommends to adjust the window and hide this part before you accumulate revisions.

Adjust the Change History window

To hide the lower part of the Change History window, click the arrow on the horizontal line.

Change History window: hide details list

If you want to display this part again, click the arrow one more time.

Accumulate revisions

To accumulate revisions, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the revisions that you want to accumulate. To do so, hold Shift and click on them.

  2. Right-click on the selected revisions and select Accumulate from the context menu.

Accumulate revisions

  1. In the subsequent dialog, enter a comment and click OK.

You can now see the accumulated revision and the comment in the Change History window.

Accumulated revision with comment

To see the details of an accumulated revision, double-click on it.

Remove accumulated revision

You can remove an accumulated revision. This means that the accumulated revisions are resolved and displayed individually again.

To remove an accumulated revision, right-click on it and select Remove accumulation from the context menu.

To see the updated list of revisions, reload them by clicking on the green check mark .