Create configurations

Configurations enable you to structure your test configuration parameters from a specific point in your repository. If you have a diverse repository, different teams with different requirements or you need a specific checkpoint for maintenance of your tests create configurations. You apply test configuration parameters to test objects bundled via configurations.

Test configuration parameters bundled via configurations

To create configurations, follow the steps below: 

  1. Select the project root element or a component folder and create a Configurations Folder from the mini toolbar. The configuration template API is created by default and can be renamed.

Create Configurations Folder

  1. Select the Configurations Folder or a Configuration and create a new Configuration from the mini toolbar. You can create an unlimited number of configurations.

Create Configurations

  1. Select a configuration and create a Test configuration parameter from the mini toolbar. You can create an unlimited number of test configuration parameters.

Create Test configuration parameter on configurations

Set read-only property for configurations

If you want to define a fixed company-wide configuration structure across multiple hierarchy characters, select the respective configuration and set the property Predefined to True in the properties pane.

The configuration can be inherited but not changed anymore and not deleted.

Assign configurations

You can assign configurations to Tricentis Tosca objects, if you want to structure a variety of test configuration parameters.

To assign configurations to a Tricentis Tosca object, drag the configurations you created and drop them on the object.

TestCase with assigned configurations