Install Tosca Server

This chapter gives an overview of the Tosca Server features and installation.

To get an overview of all tasks that administrators need to perform to set up Tricentis Tosca for users, see chapter "Set up Tricentis Tosca".

Tosca Server features

The Tosca Server contains the following web features on the IIS server and self-hosted components:


To install the Tosca Server, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You have the necessary software and hardware listed in the Tosca Server system requirements.

  • You have downloaded the Tosca Server installation package (see chapter "Download the installation packages"). The package contains the installation file Tricentis Tosca Server 13.4.exe.

  • The Tosca Server that you want to install has the same version number as your installed version of Tricentis Tosca.

  • You have local administrator rights, which you need to install the Tosca Server.

  • If you want to use the Tosca REST API Service: you have installed Tricentis Tosca on the machine where you want to install the Tosca Server.

System restarts

The installation may require one or more restarts of the operating system.

If you want full control over your restarts and avoid automatic restarts, you need to install the following components manually before you install the Tosca Server:

Installation process

To install the Tosca Server, follow the steps below:

  1. Perform the installation.

    You can install the Tosca Server in one of the following ways:

  2. Some of the server features contain services that you need to configure. For information on how to do so, Configure services via Tricentis Service Configuration.

  3. If you have configured the Tricentis Tosca Server to use HTTPS, make the necessary modifications in the IIS Manager as described in chapter "Use Tosca Server with an HTTPS binding".

Maintain the installation

You can modify, repair, or uninstall the Tosca Server. For more information, see chapter "Maintain the Tosca Server installation".

Tricentis Tosca Server Landing Page

The installation of the Tosca Server includes the installation of the Tricentis Tosca Server Landing Page. This webpage allows you to access all server features through a single web interface.

To access the webpage, type the following URL into a browser window: http://<server address>:<port>. If you use an HTTPS binding, enter https://<server address>:<port>.

Tosca Server Landing Page

This example uses an HTTPS binding, the server address localhost and port 443.