Maintain the Tricentis Tosca installation

You can change your Tricentis Tosca installation in the following ways:

  • Repair: Search for and restore corrupt or missing files.

  • Modify: Change component settings.

  • Uninstall: Remove Tricentis Tosca or selected software packages, including all files and registry entries. Note that user-defined settings and the license information stored in the License.xml at %TRICENTIS_ALLUSERS_APPDATA% remain intact.

    Alternatively, you can uninstall in unattended mode.

Repair, modify, or uninstall

To repair, modify, or uninstall, follow the steps below:

  1. Trigger the task in one of the following ways:

    • Double-click the installation file Tricentis Tosca14.0.exe.

    • Go to Start->Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features. Then right-click Tricentis Tosca and select Uninstall/Change from the context menu.

  2. This opens the maintenance screen. Click Repair, Uninstall, or Modify.

Options in the maintenance dialog

  1. Follow the instructions of the Tricentis Tosca Installer.