Create and manage workspaces

The work environment in Tricentis Tosca is a so-called workspace. This workspace is made up of various sections in which you plan, create, and execute your tests.

You can create two different kinds of workspaces: single-user or multi-user.

Work in single-user environments

Create single-user workspaces for environments where only one person needs access to data.

For information on how to create a single-user workspace, see chapter "Create single-user workspaces".

Work in multi-user environments

Create workspaces for multi-user environments where several people need access to the same data.

In this case, you have several workspaces on several machines; one workspace per machine. All workspaces are connected to one common repository, which is stored in a database.

Multi-user workspaces simplify your data administration because you save all project data to one central location. A checkin / checkout mechanism ensures that users don't interfere with each others work.

For information on how to prepare and create multi-user workspaces, see chapter "Create multi-user workspaces".

All Tricentis Tosca installations used within the same project must be of the same version.

Other workspace-related admin topics

As an admin, the following documentation might also be of interest to you:

What's next

Create a workspace! To do so, proceed with one of the following chapters: