Create and manage TestCases

A TestCase is a sequence of actions that you want to perform on your system under test (see chapter "Get to know Tricentis Tosca"). These actions are called TestSteps. Each TestStep is an automated task that you would otherwise do manually.

You create and manage your TestCases in the TestCases tab of Tosca Commander.

Tosca Commander workspace

Elements of a TestCase

To be useful, TestCases have to define the following elements:

  • All actions that Tricentis Tosca needs to perform to execute the TestCase.

    For instance, open an application, navigate the user interface, or enter data.

  • The expected reaction of the system under test (SUT).

    For instance, does your SUT only activate the Next button once all required fields are filled out? Does it calculate correct results for the given data? 

Tricentis Tosca identifies deviations from the expected reaction of your SUT as a failed test.

Define sequences

Each TestCase runs from a defined start point to a defined end point.

Tricentis recommends that you use standardized, identical start and end points. This allows you to combine TestCases into extended sequences, without additional interactions in-between.

For instance:

  • The start point of TestCase 1 is the main menu of the SUT.

  • TestCase 1 navigates and tests a specific workflow in the SUT.

  • The end point of TestCase 1 navigates back to the main menu of the SUT.

  • The start point of TestCase 2 is also the main menu of the SUT. It can pick up right where TestCase 1 left off.

Additionally, standardized start and end points give you a good idea of where automated tests should continue when you configure Tosca Commander for error handling.

Create a new TestCase

To create a new TestCase, follow the steps below:

  1. In Tosca Commander, go to the TestCases tab.

  2. You can create a new TestCase in the main TestCases folder, or you can devise your own folder structure.

    To create a new folder, right-click the folder TestCases and select Create Folder from the mini toolbar.

Create a new TestCase folder via the mini toolbar

  1. Create your new TestCase. To do so, right-click a TestCase folder and select Create TestCase from the mini toolbar.

What's next

Time to design your TestCase! In other words: tell Tricentis Tosca what to do with your system under test.

For more information, see chapter "Use TestSteps".