Draw on screen

With the Mobile Engine 3.0, you can draw a shape on the mobile device screen.

Use the Module Draw On Screen to specify the sequence of movements that create the shape.

This Module is part of the Standard subset. You can find it under Standard modules->TBox XEngines->Mobile.

Draw on screen

To draw a shape on a mobile device screen, follow the steps below:

  1. Specify the test configuration parameters to establish a connection with the device.

  2. Add either the Open Mobile App TestStep or the OpenUrl TestStep as a first TestStep in the execution.

  3. Drag and drop the Draw on Screen Module onto your TestCase.

  4. For ModuleAttribute Long Tap, select False if you want to start drawing with a tap, or True if you want to start drawing with a long tap.

  5. Optionally, add the ModuleAttribute Duration to specify the duration of each swipe in milliseconds.

  6. For ModuleAttribute Point, specify the X and Y start coordinates in percent:

    • For x-coordinate, the value on the left is 0 and the value on the right is 100.

    • For y-coordinate, the value at the top is 0 and the value at the bottom is 100.

  7. In this TestStep, add as many Point ModuleAttributes as you need to draw the shape.

  8. Set the ActionMode to Select.

In this example, you draw a simple shape with three swipe movements. Each movement lasts one second.

Draw On Screen Module in a TestCase